Gatecraft has a large selection of photos of the work we have done over the years. If there is a specific type of gate, a style or automation mechanism you are looking for and cannot find it here, please contact with a description and we’ll try and send you a selection of photos to look at. We also have a brochure available. We’d be happy to pop one in the post or drop one around to you.

Please also remember, we offer a fantastic gate design service, and can design gates for you from scratch. Even if you only have a quick sketch to share with us, we can create something amazing for you. We’re also happy to match the design of a garden wall or fence or even mimic the design of your house or office. Anything is possible and it’s all part of the service. Thank you for your interest in Gate Craft.


Gate Craft have been delivering gate solutions to our customers since 2015.

We’ve worked across a range of property types from new builds to original villas to commercial buildings.

We can help you understand the pros and cons of each style of gate and the different benefits of each opening style.