We are the experts in Automated Gates

If you have an existing gate or are installing a new one, why not add automation?

Automatic electric gates can be opened and closed at the press of a button. That means no more climbing out of your car in the rain to access or secure your property. Closing your gate behind you as you leave can be managed from the comfort of your car.

Explore your options

There are a wide range of automation systems available, allowing you to adapt your automation to suit your property and your budget. Gate Craft are experts in all automation options. We recommend a free onsite consultation so we can talk you through what’s possible and help you understand the benefits of different types of automation.

Automation begins with a simple open and close mechanism that allows you to remotely control your gate. You can upgrade your system to include keypads for remote entry, audio or video monitors that allow you to interact with visitors from your home before you give them access to your property; or remote video links that allow you to give access to visitors or delivery people from a remote location via an app on your phone.

The possibilities really are endless. That’s why we recommend talking with one of our experts so we can identify the right automation system for your home and budget. Contact us today and book your free onsite consultation. 

Custom gates

Gate Craft design and create high quality gates to suit your property. If you don’t already have a gate then contact us today and explore your options. We can design a gate to match the exterior of your property, adding value and security to your home.

Find out more about our custom gate options.

farm style electric gate

Gate maintenance and repairs

If you have invested in a gate and automation system for your home, it’s important to look after it. Gate Craft offer an ongoing maintenance or repair service for gate owners, allowing you to keep your gate in top condition.

Like anything mechanical, maintaining your automation system is an important way to both protect it and ensure you get maximum value from your investment. We recommend regular maintenance to all of our automation customers.

Book in your gate automation maintenance today or contact us if your gate is in need of repair.

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Get in touch with the team at Gate Craft and book a free onsite consultation or talk to us about your property. We would love to help you find the right gate for your home.


Gate Craft have been delivering gate solutions to our customers since 2015.

We’ve worked across a range of property types from new builds to original villas to commercial buildings.

We can help you understand the pros and cons of each style of gate and the different benefits of each opening style.